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APNOA is an audiovisual collective, founded by Sebastian Drack and Tobias Feldmeier in 2013. The artists aim for forward-thinking ideas and strategies in practice and theory, in order to provide immersive multi-sensory experiences and narratives, presented as audiovisual performances, installations and multimedia productions.

Their work is settled in the field of performative interaction and seek for an ambiguous character generating synesthetic correlations whithin the act-theoretical semantics and immediate, aesthetic perception.

APNOA has already participated in several international exhibitions, festivals and touring events in Europe and Asia like Big Data Art 2013 (Munich), ISMAR 2015 (Fukuoka), Algorave Tour 2015 (Japan), OÖ Landesausstellung 2016 (Linz), Interlab Festival 2016 (Salzburg), Prague Microfestival 2017 (Prague), Ars Electronica Festival 2017 (Linz), Patchlab Festival 2017 (Krakow).

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