audio visual dance performance | 2016

Following C.G. Jung’s typology of consciousness functions – Perception, Thinking, Feeling and Intuition – Sebastian Drack & Tobias Feldmeier (APNOA) and the dancer Eftychia Stefanou have developed an audiovisual dance performance. INTENTIO lets us experience and feel for each other through the four instances of the self as well as their potential for tension.

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It is a story that accompanies every human being in his becoming. Her handwriting sometimes seems clearer, now and then more unreadable. The development of the self is busy, consciously or unconsciously. Especially in less clear moments, the inner seems to be in question: How will it orient?

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The project I N T E N T I O evolved from an intensive examination of various approaches to the topic of consciousness: The media artists combine insights from cultural theory, neurosciences and psychoanalytic theory concepts with their own research results in the field of audiovisualistics. Among other things, this is implemented by a human-machine-human interaction whereby brain activities form the communicating data records. In a mutual influence dancer and audiovisual environment interact.

INTENTIO Performance

filmed at Fachhochschule Salzburg University of Applied Sciences


re-arranging the performance audiovisually | I. Prologue


11.06.2016 Interlab Festival | Fotografie: Nana S. Fiedler

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